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Motivational Magic for Educators


Motivational Magic for Educators immediately captures the attention of teachers to provide explicit, robust, and practical ideas for the 21st century classroom. Regarding educational theory and reality, the author provides readers with a series of quotational messages that undoubtedly give hope and promise for the field of education. In stellar fashion, the author unleashes his passion, insight, and clever wisdom for educators to inspire themselves and their students to seek the practical structures that will create a learning culture in American schools. By reading this book, educators will discover that they possess the motivational ammunition to validate their purpose for teaching and learning with student literacy as the central theme. 



Advantages for Teachers:  

  • Teachers learn how to teach strategically. 

  • Recapture the excitement of the classroom Post Covid-19 

  • Teachers learn how to motivate, inspire, and empower students 

  • Teachers gain insight into the construction of meaningful relationships with 21st century students. 

  • There is a strong focus for class management and organization. 

  • Common sense solutions for disciplinary and academic challenges. 

  • Ideas for all stakeholders in education (teachers and administrators) 

  • (250) quotational messages that empower and inspire educators. 


Price: $25.00

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