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Tragedy to Triump


Tragedy to Triumph: The Urban School Transformation is a compilation of thoughts and contemplations in curtailed form about the current state of urban education. These ideas detail the voluminous perspectives that teachers must implement (teaching strategies, classroom management, motivational techniques, etc.) when challenged with giving students in metropolitan zones the opportunity to be educated in the 21st century. Each concept gives readers an explorative chance to internalize the array of experiences and ideas of a trained educator who seeks to modify the course of education and pinpoint the trends that will save a generation.

In addition, vital stakeholders such as parents and the community at-large will be provided a blueprint for the direction of urban schools. As this process unfolds, the educational community will be convinced that certain factors must be an ingredient of school life if American urban schools are to become a beacon of hope for the millions of girls and boys that walk their hallowed halls.

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