Plump Educational Consulting Services is comprised of a team of knowledgeable, engaging, and innovative educational practitioners who serve as educational consultants for school and school systems in need of academic enhancement. Urban educator and author Dr. John A. E. Plump, a (27) year veteran in the field of education, spearheads this stellar group. Our focus is to assist school leaders and their staffs in increasing the teaching and learning process through instructional methodology, data analysis, student discipline, school climate and culture, and organizing Professional Learning Communities.

The team of consultants have a combined time of eighty plus years in educating students on K-12 levels. Their expertise is in articulating the standards of education through quality presentation skills, visual aids, and extreme role-playing. As a unit, they have served in the capacities of a classroom teacher, department head, assistant principal, principal, alternative school principal, reading coach, and curriculum resource officer. If your organization or school district is looking to change the scope of how teaching and learning is structured in the 21st century, then Plump Educational Consulting Services is the educational consulting business for you.


 To embark on a journey toward providing essential educational services for school districts across the United States.


  1. To promote educational practices that improve the learning process.

  2. To provide up to date and innovative ideas that promote positive school cultures.

  3. To construct collegial partnerships with school system stakeholders.

  4. To provide sound, practical, and accurate solutions to the challenges in American education.

  5. To eliminate achievement gaps through the advocacy of quality strategic instruction, data analysis, and cultural change.

  6. To provide empowering elements for teachers in order for students to be conditioned to embrace the instructional and learning process.